This section is dedicated to broadcasting twice monthly podcasts of the latest Astronomy news. The February podcasts, for example, will contain 2 podcasted shows, covering the periods February 1 - 14, and then February 15 - 28. Each show, starting from January 2018,  will also contain a short version and a long version. The short version is meant to be a brief re-cap of all the content in the longer version. 

The podcasts before February 2018 are arranged differently. These podcasts cover time periods before this website was set up, so I will go back in time to do some coverage of these time periods.

The months covering September 2017 - January 2018 will be done in 1 month segments. The 9 month period from Dec 2016 - August 2017 will be covered in a single podcast. Nearly all information is from the website

Please listen and learn more about astronomy: and also, please try to enjoy. 



May 16 - 31 Astronomy News

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May 1 - 15 Astronomy News Short Version

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April 16 - 30 Astronomy News

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April 16 - 30 Astronomy News Short Version

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April 1 - 15 Astronomy News

April 15    TESS Briefings & Events

April 13    TESS Hopes To Find Exoplanets Outside the Solar System

April 13    Scientists Start Drafting Rules for Space Warfare 

April 12   While Out Hunting Planets, TESS Will Also Help Astronomers Study Stars 

April 11    Juno Provides Infrared Tour of Jupiter's North Pole

April 11    Giving Roots and Shoots Their Space: The Advanced Plant Habitat  APH

April 11    NASA Marshall Engineer Takes Safety to Another Level on Comm Flight 

Apr 11      Once Upon a Time in a Thunderstorm 

April 9     HST Finds an Einstein Ring

April 6     Intricate Clouds of Jupiter

April 5     NASA Scientist Collects Bits of the Solar System from Antarctic Glaciers 

April 5     45 Years Ago: Pioneer 11 Launched to Study Jupiter & Saturn

April 5     HST: 1st Precise Distance Measurement of  Ancient Globular Star Cluster 

April 4     A Galaxy Without Much Dark Matter     

April 1 - 15 Astronomy News Short Version

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Astronomy News Pocasts

March 16 - 31 Astronomy News

March 29   NASA Invites Media to Discuss the Next Mission to Mars

March 28   NASA Discusses Upcoming Launch of Next Planet Hunter TESS

March 27   Mars Curiosity Rover Gets Ready For Its Next Adventure

March 27   Webb Requires More Time For Testing and Evaluation

March 26   How Much Space Junk Hits Earth?

March 23   Final TV Appearance, Stephen Hawking Imagines Colonizing Alien Worlds

March 23   Hubble's Exquisite View of a Stellar Nursery

March 22   Curiosity Celebrates Sol 2,000

March 19   Marshall Advances 3-D Printed Engine Nozzle Technology

March 19   Predicting the Lifespan of Materials in Space

March 19   The Edge of the Night

March 19   Going for Atmospheric GOLD

March 18   Expect a Warm Wet Spring Across the U.S.

March 16 - 31 Astronomy News Short Version

See list for March 16 -31 Long Version

March 1 - 15 Astronomy News

March 16   Rose Colored Jupiter

March 15   Greenland Is Literally Cracking Apart and Flooding the World

March 15   NASA Science Heading to Space Ranges From Atmosphere to Microbes

March 14   NASA Remembers Dr. Stephen Hawking

March 14   NASA Dawn Reveals Recent changes on Ceres' Surface 

March 12   Dramatic Dione

March 12   Arrested Development: Hubble Finds Relic Galaxy Close to Home

March 9    Hubble's Galaxy Full of Cosmic Lighthouses

March 9    Kepler Shifts View Toward Targets In Constellation Virgo

March 9    James Webb Telescope to Make a Splash in Search for Water

March 7    Earth is a Beaming Becon in Kepler's Eyes

March 6    Hubble Finds Huge System of Dusty Material Enveloping Young Star 4796A

March 5    Far Northern Permafrost May Unleash Carbon Within Decades

March 2    Beaming With the Light of Millions of Suns

March 2    Hubble's Frenzy of Stars

March 1     NASA Finds Large Amounts of Water in Exoplanets's Atmosphere

March 1 - 15 Astronomy News Short Version

See list for March 1 - 15 Long Version

February 15 - 28 Astronomy News Long Version

February 28  Sounding Rocket Mission Will Trace Auroral Winds

February 28   Curiosity Tests New Way to Drill on Mars

February 28   NASA Insight Mission Arrives at Launch Sight

February 28   Space Laser Completes 2,000 Mile Road Trip

February 27   Orion Crew Access Ar Installed on Mobile Launcher

February 27   NASA Astronauts Return to Earth, Land Safely in Kazakhstan

February 26   Atacama Rover Astrobiology Drilling Study

February 23   SDO Reveals How a Sun Magnetic Cage Stopped a Solar Eruption

February 22   NASA Deep-Space Rocket Intertank Loaded for Shipment, Testing

February 22   On Second Thought, Moon's Water May Be Widespread and Immobile

February 22   Fresh Evidence for a New Physics in the Universe

February 22   Mars Odyssey Observes Martian Moons

February 22  How Spacecraft Testing Enabled Bone Marrow Research

February 20   Pulsating Auroras and THEMIS

February 20   New Study Brings Antarctic Ice Loss Into Sharper Focus

February 20   Final Frontier: Images of Saturn

February 15 - 28 Astronomy News Short Version

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February 1 - 14 Astronomy News

February 13   Last Outpost Extends Human Presence Into Deep Space

February 13   Survey Ice Shattered Records

February 13   Eclipse Season Starts With NASA SDO

February 13   A Piece of Mars is Going Home

February 13   A Song of Ice and Light

February 8    Detailed Timeline of the Image Recovery

February 8    Hew Horizons Record Breaking Images in the Kuiper Belt

February 8    Tiny Crystals Get a Close Look From Mars Rover

February 6    Two Small Asteroids Safely Pass Earth This Week

February 6    NASA Tests an Atomic Deep Space Clock

February 5    Contrasting Crescents On Saturn

February 3    Juno Completes its 10th Science Orbit

February 2    NASA Newly Rediscovered IMAGE Mission Provided Key Aurora Research

February 1    Second RS-25 Engine Hot Fire Test

February 1 - 14 Astronomy News Short Version

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January 2018 Astronomy News

January 31  NASA Twins Study Confirms Preliminary Findings

January 24  The SpaceX Dragon After its Release From the Canadarm2

January 24  The SpaceX Dragon and the ISS Orbit Above Brazil

January 11   Researchers Catch Supermassive Black Hole Burping - Twice

January 11   Planets Needed: NASA Study Shows Disk Pattern Can Self-Generate

January 11   Webb's Houston Highlights

January 11   Scientists Take Viewers to the Center of the Milky Way

January 2018 Astronomy News Short Version

See list for January 2018 News Long Version

December 2017 Astronomy News

December 21  NASA Tests 3-D Printed Rocket Part to Reduce Future SLS Engine Costs 

December 19  Bridging the Gap: NASA Studies Human Body in Space for One Year

December 19  A New Twist in the Dark Matter Tale

December 18  NASA Solves How a Jupiter Jet Stream Shifts Into Reverse

December 15  "The Last Jedi" to Appear Aboard the International Space Station

December 14  Artificial Intelligence: NASA Discovers 8th Planet Around Distant Star

December 12  Bright Areas on Ceres Suggest Geological Activity

December 5    How Hardy is Webb? Questions and Answers About Webb's Toughnes

December 2017 Astronomy News Short Version

See list for December 2017 News Long Version

November 2017 Astronomy News

November 22   Icebound Detector Reveals How Ghostly Neutrinos Stopped Cold

November 22  Antarctic Detector Stops High Energy Neutrinos in Their Tracks

November 21   Galileo Quartet Fueled and Ready to Fly

November 20  Solar System's First Interstellar Traveler Dazzles Scientists

November 17   350,000 Star Systems to be Mapped by Warwick Astronomers

November 16   In Mystery of Positrons, Dark Matter is the Leading Candidate

November 15   Astronomers Discover New Type of Cosmic Explosion

November 4    Return of a Comet: C  96P Spotted by ESA and NASA Satellites 

October 2017 Astronomy News

October 30  Rosetta finds Cometary Plume Powered from Below

October 26  Scientists Detecct Comets Outside Our Solar System

October 18   UVA Astronomer Selected to Guide New Horizons Spacecraft

October 17   Earth's New Travelling Buddy is an Asteroid, Not Space Junk

October 12   Reconstructing Cassini's Final Plunge Into Saturn

October 6     Team Observes Primitive Comet 1.5 Billion Miles From the Sun

September 2017 Astronomy News


September 26   Large Meteor Impacts Drove Plate-Tectonic Processes in the Early Earth

September 22   Dino-Killing Asteroid Sped Up Bird Evolution

September  18   Cassini Spacecraft Ends Historic Exploration of Saturn

September 15    Researchers Create First Global Map of Water in Moon's Soil

September 12    Cassini Makes Its Good-bye Kiss Flyby of Titan

December 2016 - August 2017 Astronomy News


August 31       NASA's Asteroid Bound Spacecraft to Slingshot Past Earth

August 18       Large Asteroid to Safely Pass Earth on September 1, 2017

July 31             Upcoming Asteroid Flyby Helps NASA Planetary Defense Network

June 20          Magnetic Tug Could Target Dead Satellites

March 24        Upper Part of Earth's Magnetic Field Reveals a Dramatic Past

February 21    Researcher Proposes New Theories About the Nature of Earth's Iron

February 21    Why Are There Different Flavors of Iron in the Solar System

Dec 4, 2016    Searching for Trojan Asteroids, Earth's Unseen Companions